Buy a Boy Injection Molding Machine


Boy injection molders are an excellent choice for small applications and micro injection applications, and is your leading source to find high quality used machines available for sale.

Get started with your search for used machinery from Boy right here. You can sort or browse by specifications, whether it’s an exact tonnage or a specific shot size that your business needs to get the job done.

The first Boy injection molding machine, the Boy 15, was produced in 1968. Since that time, the company has produced and sold tens of thousands of machines. Their focus is on small and efficient injection molding machinery, as well as micro injection machinery, and they make over a dozen individual models today.

They offer compact designs, energy efficiency, and a range of different model types, including horizontal injection molders, vertical insert molders, and more. Boy injection molding machines are great for industries including medical, electronics, automotive, and aerospace.

We have an always changing inventory of Boy injection molding machinery for sale. So if you don’t see exactly what you’re interested in, there’s no reason to worry. Simply give our team a call at 216-593-7000. With a large network of global molders, we can help you find what you need as quickly as possible.