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Buy a Fortune Injection Molding Machine

Used Fortune injection molding machinery is available for sale here at Premier Equipment offers a wide selection of all types of used plastic injection molding machines, from all of the biggest and most well known brands and manufacturers. We have an established track record, and we’ll handle the leg work of any search for you, ensuring you find the right machinery at the right price.

Fortune International has been importing Taichung Machinery Works plastic injection equipment since 1989. Available throughout the rest of the world as Victor Taichung Machinery, in North America, the products are known as Fortune injection molding machines, and the company, based in New Jersey, remains its exclusive importer and distributor. They produce a wide array of different injection molding machinery across different classifications.

On this page, you’ll see what we currently have available from Fortune. You can quickly browse or sort by model year, shot size, tonnage, and other sizes, features and capabilities.

When you don’t see the exact model or specification you’re looking for here, call the Premier Equipment team today at 216-593-7000. With our huge global network and strong relationships with many of the largest molders, we’ll do our best to track down what you need, and find the perfect used Fortune injection molding machine for your facility.